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Jeff Hoheisel… Providing Only the Best in Professional Tree Care Services

At Jeff H. Pro Tree Care we offer 35+ years of residential and commercial tree servicing experience. You can count us to deliver a full-service experience that is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Chain saw sitting on a stump with the cut logs of the tree laying in a pile

Tree Removal

For many Twin Cities residents, tree removal is often a necessary evil instead of a want, especially if severe weather is to blame. Whether you have one tree that needs removal or a handful, you can trust Jeff H. Pro Tree Care to tackle the job… and to do it well.

With industry specific equipment — including aerial bucket lifts and high-grade rigging — we can safely cut-and-lower or fall even the largest of trees. Over the course of nearly four decades we have successfully removed hundreds of trees, both those that are still standing and those that have already fallen.

Our tree removal services cover:

  • Trees that are crowding each other
  • Trees that are dead, diseased or damaged from pests
  • Trees that are too close to homes or other structures
  • Trees that are dangerously leaning toward buildings or over roads
  • Trees that have cracked or split from lightening or high winds
  • Trees that have fallen due to straight-line winds, ground saturation, ice storms, heavy snow falls, etc.
  • Trees that need removal to make way for the construction of a deck, patio, addition, or shed

Regardless of your tree’s size, species, yard location, and ease of access, you can rest assured that we have the proper tools and quick-thinking solutions for the job. When you need a tree removed, turn to Jeff H. Pro Tree Care. Our team is experienced and happy to help ensure the safety and aesthetics of your yard.

Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation or to arrange emergency tree removal services.

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Crew member of Jeff H. Pro Tree Care using a telescoping saw to trim the branches of medium-sized tree

Tree Maintenance (Trimming and Pruning)

When it comes to trimming and pruning it is all about making your trees look their best and maintain optimum health — now and into the future. At Jeff H. Pro Tree Care our staff is well-qualified and even award winning when it comes to taking care of trees. When you call, you can expect to talk to a friendly expert who has a true passion for trees.

Our tree maintenance services include:

  • The removal of damaged, diseased, or dead limbs
  • The removal of limbs that are damaging other structure (utility lines, power poles, siding, shingles, playsets, etc.)
  • Lowering or raising a tree’s canopy
  • Proper pruning to promote structural strength
  • Proper pruning to encourage vertical growth or horizontal spread
  • Appropriate shaping based on the tree’s species

As a certified Minnesota arborist we know when to cut, where to cut, and how to cut your trees / shrubs to promote growth and avoid unwanted disease. Contact us to learn more about our tree and shrub maintenance services.

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Close up photo of lush green grass with a single cut pass from a lawn mower

Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn and garden can do wonders for your property — increasing home value, deterring pests, and more. If you want the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space but don't have the time, skills, or patience to keep up with necessary maintenance, call on us for help. As an established tree care and landscaping company serving the Twin Cities Metro, we offer a variety of lawn and garden care services to suit your needs.

  • Weed control
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn edging
  • Tree maintenance
  • Shrub maintenance

Call today for more information or to schedule an estimate.

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Industrial stump grinding machine grinding a tree stump in a residential lawn

Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Whether it is an old tree stump or a newly created on, it is never wise to leave a tree stump in the ground. Left alone, a tree stump can take years to decompose and in the meantime can cause numerous headaches, such as: detracting from the look of your yard; attracting termites, carpenter ants, and rodents; creating a tripping hazard for guests; and last but not least, damaging lawn mower blades.

Fortunately with stump removal services from Jeff H. Pro Tree Care, all of these issues and more will quickly be ground away. We have the equipment and experience to safely and effectively remove any size tree stump.

Contact us today for an estimate.

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Large, mature tree damaged in a severe storm with its trunk snapped near the ground

Storm Damage Clean Up

Getting your life back in order after a devastating storm takes time. From property repairs to storm debris cleanup, the process can be frustrating, physically taxing, and time-consuming. But we can help. At Jeff H. Pro Tree Care we assist Minnesota property owners with one of the first steps in the storm repair process — tree removal and servicing.

Whether trees have snapped from high winds or building ice, fallen from ground saturation or a tornado, our team has the experience and training to handle all kinds of storm cleanup. Our crews can mobilize quickly and are available 24/7. We take the greatest safety precautions when it comes to trees that have fallen onto buildings or power lines and we pledge to work tirelessly until the job is done right, no matter how extensive the cleanup.

Even if your property’s tree appear to have survived the storm, it is always wise to have a certified arborist take a look. This is especially true if your neighbors’ trees sustained damage. Detecting cracks, damaged limbs, or structural weakening can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for — so be sure to contact us.

While we would rather not meet you under such unfortunate circumstances, we will be there FAST when you call.

We Are Professional

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